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Interior Design Services


Interior Design is always complimentary while you are purchasing furnishings from Madison House Interiors. We provide design from the very beginning including working with builders, to the placement of your final pillow.

If you are in need of paint or color consultations, floor planning or outside shopping services, a design is available for $100 an hour.

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Interior Design ServicesMultiple Color Options Eden Prairie Minnesota

“I contacted Madison House Interiors to help me re-design my living room and dining room space.  Sara and Kristin were easy to work with and gave me fresh ideas for color, furniture layout, and window treatments that I hadn’t considered.  They were also willing to work with some of my existing pieces and gave me a plan that incorporated their store’s unique mix of new furnishings and fabulous consignment finds.  The final rooms are exactly what I wanted and on budget.”

Sheila, Eden Prairie

“Madison House Interiors has been wonderful to work with. They offer personalized services, teach design basics, and really assist with making your rooms one of a kind. They are very down to earth and truly care about their customers’ needs, interests, and opinions. I have taken one-on-one design classes with them, ordered fabrics from them, designed furniture with their assistance, and redesigned my living room with their guidance. They made me feel at ease and comfortable while helping me with a major home redesign.”

Jill, Eden Prairie


10:00 ~ 04:00